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About Us

What Patients Want to Know About Roots Chiropractic

Since June of 2019, the health-conscious in the Howard-Suamico area have discovered Roots Chiropractic. Our family practice has a simple but profound mission:

To empower families to take control of their health by natural means and contribute to a healthier community.

  • Empower – We aspire to enable those who are interested to be their best. We do that by providing information, encouragement and inspiration.
  • Families – We work with pregnant mothers, newborns, infants, children and parents. Families are the bedrock of our culture. That’s who we support.
  • Control – We offer relief care and show those who are interested how to prevent their problem from returning.
  • Health – We believe health is your most valuable resource. It affects everyone you know and everything you do.
  • Natural – We are drug-free and 100% natural. The power that made your body heals your body—if there isn’t any interference.
  • Contribute – We chose to locate our practice here so we could grow roots. We want to be a trusted resource. How may we add value to your life?
  • Community – We aim to establish deep roots here. Roots. It’s in our name for a reason. Together we’ll build a healthier community for everyone.

Chiropractic Approach

We see this mission and purpose as perfectly aligned with the way chiropractic honors the inborn wisdom of your body.

While our approach to chiropractic is quite traditional, we use the latest technology to guide our hands. This seems to have attracted two types of individuals:

Second Time Mom – It’s a common tale. Some aspect of your first pregnancy didn’t go as hoped. You vow that this time things will be different; better. Is that you?

A Child Who Isn’t Thriving – These are often newborns with colic, infants with chronic ear infections or children with immune struggles. We’re here to help.


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If our mission resonates with you, we should talk. Arrange an appointment to tour our practice, meet Dr. Huisheere and get your questions answered. Get started today by contacting us for an appointment.

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